The Interceptor

Here is a Short Description Of This Show: The series is about a Customs Officer, Marcus Ashton (Ash) who is recruited to a new law enforcement team tasked with hunting down some of Britain's most wanted criminals. The series is ...

Genre: Drama

Actor: Robert Lonsdale , Charlie de Melo , Jo Joyner

Director: Tony Saint

Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6.2

Season 1 - The Interceptor
"A botched operation leads Ash to join the UNIT: a new undercover law enforcement team,operating outside of the police but with one goal in mind - to get to the criminals at the very top."
"The UNIT are after an important drug dealer called Xavier and they\u2019re monitoring his every move in the hope he\u2019ll lead them to somebody even higher up in the organisation."
"The UNIT is starting to make inroads into the criminal organisation. Ash is doing the kind of work he\u2019s always dreamed of but it's starting to have some sort of an impact on his family life."
"The team race to find a dangerous new supplier before his drugs flood the streets."
"The death of a young girl alerts the UNIT to a batch of lethal pills."
"A notorious armed robber arrives in town, and Ash's past catches up with him."
"The Unit are closing in on Roach, but a new player in town is one step ahead of them."
"As the drama draws to a thrilling close, what will Ash need to sacrifice to conquer Roach?"