Ridiculous Cakes

Here is a Short Description Of This Show: Alton Brown narrates this sweet reality show in which talented cake designers are tasked with creating unique and unbelievable cakes for their clients. Viewers are given a behind the scenes...

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - Ridiculous Cakes
"Three cake artists from across the country create dream cakes that defy expectations, including a giant planet Earth that weighs more than a motorcycle and a Bollywood-themed chandelier that lights up."
"Some of the best cake designers in the country create edible masterpieces for their clients, including a baby shower cake that defies gravity and a high-fashion cake worthy of a magazine cover."
"Three cake artists create sweet memories that defy their clients' expectations, including a mythical creation for a 40th birthday party, a music-playing tribute to the 1950s and a cake for the cast and crew of TV show \"Modern Family.\""
"Three talented cake designers take on their most challenging creations to date; from an edible, wearable hat cake to a towering wedding cake covered in fondant flowers and a natural wonder painstakingly recreated out of sparkling sugar."
"A cake artist gets challenged to create a boho-style cake with edible macrame, fringe and dozens of intricate flowers; an iconic Dallas landmark gets a sweet makeover; an avant-garde creation has one baker seeing black."
"Three amazing cake artists make their clients' dreams come true, from a baby dinosaur cute enough to eat to a fantasy clock cake that hangs on the wall and a glamorous cake that matches the glitz of a Beverly Hills wedding."
"Gold Medal Cake\n\nTop cake artists create memorable cakes for family events like a baby shower for an animal-loving first-time mom, a mascot in motion for an Ohio State graduate and an underwater fantasy cake for an Olympic gold medalist's wedding anniversary."
"Creating a soaring white cake with edible ribbons for a tall groom and his bride; a wine-themed cake topped with a bottle that pours an endless stream of wine to drink; a bride's last-minute changes challenge a cake artist.(TD)"
"A photographer gets a sculpted cake of a canine dressed as Marie Antoinette; a huge fantasy cake features dragons battling on cliffs over a stream of real running water; an unforgettable housewarming cake is a 3-D duplicate of the new home."
"Three of the country's best bakeries create over-the-top cakes, including an edible life-size desk and chair for an office party, a beer-pouring gargoyle cake for a brewery, and a firetruck cake that can put out its own candles."
"Three cake artists create edible masterpieces, from an island-themed cake for a Polynesian dance troupe to a fantasy fairy cake and a high-fashion cake for a stylish birthday party."
"Three cake artists create sweet memories that defy clients' expectations, including a cake with a wild side for the San Diego Zoo, a child's superhero-inspired birthday cake, and a 6-foot-tall cake in the likeness of an American war hero"
Season 2 - Ridiculous Cakes
"No description"
"A cake artist encounters some hair-raising challenges while taking a Troll from the big screen to a cake; an edible tribute to an artist has to be picture-perfect; a Coney Island cake takes a New York City artist on a wild ride."
"Sink or Swim\n\nA rustic-chic wedding calls for a towering cake topped with life-size antlers; a cake artist tries to make 25 pounds of cake look and float like a turtle; an oversize alien head could send a UFO-themed cake crashing to Earth."
"30th Anniversary of Shark Week\n\nCelebrating the 30th anniversary of \"Shark Week\" with a 4-foot-tall cake; the hunt for Bigfoot leads to a sweet encounter for a Seattle cake artist; an entire cake is decorated with only buttercream frosting."
"A cake artist crafts an impressive pinball machine cake that can actually be played; torrential rains threaten a nearly 6-foot-tall ostrich cake; things get sticky when a client orders a gumbo cake for his restaurant anniversary."
"A cake artist must deliver a wedding cake worthy of the famed Las Vegas Strip; a cake inspired by music hits a high note; sculpting a penguin out of cake for a child's birthday."
"A young man's bar mitzvah cake is a home run; a Texas-sized cake experiences a crash just hours before delivery; an elaborate cake featuring a life-size snake charms the birthday girl."
"Pretty Ponies\n\nMy Little Pony comes to life in cake for one lucky girl's horse-themed birthday party; a cake proves to be a real bear for a Portland cake artist; things get messy when a cake artist uses only buttercream to decorate a cake."
"It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's a Cake\n\nA cake celebrating Superman becomes one cake artist's kryptonite; a cake for a stylish client could be a fashion faux pas; a cake that explodes with candy makes for a sweet surprise.(TD)"
"A skeleton wedding cake; a carousel cake; one bakery puts hydraulics on a car cake."