Noma Australia

Here is a Short Description Of This Show: Noma Australia, a three-part adventure documenting the creativity and journey behind one of the most anticipated culinary events of 2016 - the opening of Noma Australia in Sydney .

Country: Australia

Duration: 27 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 0

Season 1 - Noma Australia
"Acclaimed Danish chef Ren\u00e9 Redzepi arrives in Australia to begin his exploration of Australian flavours that will lead to the creation of a unique menu for his pop-up restaurant at Barangaroo. Follow Ren\u00e9 as he travels to outback Australia to visit one of the local indigenous communities that have hosted the noma team on their earlier research trips. Ren\u00e9 experiences the vastness and natural beauty of the countryside, the people of the communities, and some of the native ingredients that may become the inspiration for his Australian menu.The early stages of construction are underway, too, for what will become the harbourside home of the ten-week noma australia residency."
"Time is running out for Ren\u00e9 Redzepi to devise, test and perfect an original menu that interprets the story of Australia through food. Work continues at the restaurant \u2013 from the build of the kitchen and dining room, to the development of the menu in the noma test kitchen. The noma team explore the sights and sounds of the Sydney foreshore, with viewers given a different perspective on what the city has to offer."
"Ren\u00e9's team completes their work in the test kitchen and final preparations are made for opening night. Family and friends arrive for a full rehearsal for service and menu. This is their last chance to get it right before the most anticipated culinary event of 2016 takes place. But as the kitchen fills with smoke, Ren\u00e9\u2019s dream is starting to feel like a nightmare. Will there be a dream opening?"