Ride Upon the Storm

Here is a Short Description Of This Show: The story centers on a family of priests: Johannes, Elisabeth and their sons August and Christian. Johannes is God-like to his sons - he gives, loves, and punishes. His favoritism for ...

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - Ride Upon the Storm
"The charismatic testimony Johannes Krogh faces his life's chance as he stands up for the bishop's election in Copenhagen's Capitol, where he has the opportunity to become the first bishop in his 250-year-old priesthood. But it's not just Johannes, who is having a dramatic time to meet. His youngest son, August, who is a popular priest in Copenhagen, has long dreamed of being outposted, and it's suddenly becoming a reality for his wife Emilie's concern. Storebroren, Christian, who previously ran from the theology study to his father's great regret, now seems to have finally found his way in life as he handles his thesis on CBS. But it turns out he likes something hidden."
"Johannes is having a hard time meeting a dramatic bisp selection, and it concerns Elisabeth and the employees of Lindeg\u00e5rd Church. August is also facing some major challenges as a leader in the Middle East and struggling to win the soldiers' respect and trust. August is brought in a difficult dilemma that will turn completely up and down on his life. Christian moves in with Emilie, while August has been sent because John has refused to let his eldest son stay in the priesthood. Christian has been permanently excluded from CBS, and it also goes beyond his friendship with Mark. Nor does it make it easier for Christian to get Mark's girlfriend, Amira, out of her head."
"August has returned to Denmark where he tries to convince both the family and himself that he is well on top of his broadcast. But the lie hurts hard on him, and when the Army's Audit Corps calls him to question and asks for his role during the fire fighting, he is close to cracking. When Elisabeth finds that the Norwegian violinist, Liv, has no place to live, Elisabeth offers that she can move into the priesthood. Monica tells a desperate John about his plans for church closures, and John must now fight inwardly to preserve his close-up church as the house of God. Mark and Christian decide to go to Nepal together - a journey that makes Amira nervous. With good reason!"
"Christian wakes up on a monastery in Nepal; A Buddhist monk has found him, deliberately and completely without property. The only Christian wish is to come home, but the monk has completely different plans for him and the anger that really pushes on the upward journey. At home in Denmark, the state of August is worsening, and he is struggling to do his job as a priest, as the broadcast continues to haunt him. Emilie tries to do the right, but is having trouble reaching August. Elisabeth discovers that Johannes has had an affair with one of the employees, which seriously puts their marriage to trial.\n\nThe series is unsuitable for smaller children."
"After returning from Nepal, Christian returns to the family cottage, now with a whole new view of life. August tries to return to the life he had with Emilie before he was sent out as leader of the field. Even with the help of Christian, this proves to be a major challenge - both for himself, his faith and not least for Emilie. In the priesthood, John tries to regain Elisabeth's love and respect, but it is not easy for Elisabeth to forgive John-and not when she begins to spend more time with Norwegian Life."
"August slowly begins to feel herself again after the broadcast. His faith in God has begun to wake up, and the family increase that he and Emilie dreamed about still seem to be far away. When Christian seeks Amira in an attempt at reconciliation, he discovers that she and Mark are no longer together. Amira sees the potential in Christian journalists from Nepal and will publish it as a book, but Christian is rejected by the idea. John still struggles to save his marriage - while Elisabeth slides farther away from him - and closer to life.\n\nJohannes also tries to cope with the tense atmosphere among the employees on top of his affair with the engraver and therefore persuades to hold an Easter lunch to shake the staff together."
"The outcome of Easter food has a major impact on Johannes and the inner circle of Lindeg\u00e5rd Church. August's attempt to help a young convictor gives backlash and results in a sharp warning from the bishop. It will take August to consider whether he fits into the Danish People's Church. Christian struggles to end peace with Mark, but Mark is irreconcilable - and it is important for Christians' relationship with Amira. Elisabeth and Liv are traveling away, which makes Svend seriously picking up in Johannes. When Elisabeth and Life return to the priesthood, John Elisabeth forces to choose between him and his life."
"August has begun working as a street performer. He is quickly involved in a case with two brothers who, as rejected asylum seekers, are staying illegally in Denmark. August is deeply involved in the fate of the brothers and puts everything in place to help them. Emilie is also drawn into the case and it does not take long before the police begin to show interest. Elisabeth takes a break from Johannes and spends more time at Liv. But the new common life has the trouble of joining Elisabeth. Christian is busy with the work around his book, which is finally published and welcomed by all - except John."
"On top of a successful book release, Christian moves into his new apartment. His youth love, Nanna, suddenly appears in his life again - and it puts Amira at stake. Everything culminates in Elisabeth, who is really divided between John and Life, who will take her to Berlin. August's emotional commitment to the case with the two illegal asylum seekers goes to, which only creates more distance between him and Emilie. Finally, he tells Emilie the truth about the killing of the innocent woman during his broadcast."
"The whole family of Krogh and Linde farm employees are gathered for a magnificent ministry with the bishop in front. August seems suddenly spaced from the great event, where a landmark event shakes everyone present. August is struggling to convince everyone that he is well, but Emilie especially feels powerless and does not know what to put up with August. She relies on Christian, who for the first time comes closer to the truth about August's broadcast. Soon a family conflict escalates that is of major importance to everyone and everyone - this time with irreversible consequences."