48 Hours

Here is a Short Description Of This Show: One of television's most popular true-crime series, investigating shocking cases and compelling real-life dramas with journalistic integrity and cutting-edge style.

Genre: Mystery

Director: Judy Tygard

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1988

IMDb: 7.4

Season 25 - 48 Hours
"The 2009 death of boxer Arturo Gatti is investigated to determine whether he committed suicide or was murdered."
"Following the acquittal of Amanda Knox this week, \"48 Hours Mystery\" will broadcast \"Amanda Knox: The Untold Story\".\n\n48 Hours reveals Knox's personal accounts of cruel manipulation and sexual intimidation while in prison. Plus, never-before-seen video diaries from Amanda's best friend, Madison Paxton, collected over 10 months. Paxton moved to Italy to support Amanda and help fight for her freedom."
"After a murder rocks the Austin, Texas, music scene, a call to police from an angry wife blows the 26-year-old cold case wide open. Tracy Smith reports."
"Can a Hollywood movie help solve the most notorious killing spree in Texas? Erin Moriarty reports."
"An update on the 1994 murder of millionaire William McLaughlin in his Newport Beach, Cal., home. Former NFL linebacker Eric Naposki was convicted of the crime, but he claims he is innocent and speaks about the case."
"A decorated soldier who was medievac-ed from Iraq and later diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) remembers little of the beating that he gave his 19-year-old girlfriend who died from his hands."
"A Cajun millionaire turned English gentleman becomes a suspect in a murder investigation."
"The 2007 shooting death of Jocelyn Earnest, who was found in her Virginia home with a gun and a suicide note, is investigated. Her husband, Wesley, an assistant high-school principal, is a chief suspect in the case."
"A major break in the Long Island Serial Killer case. The 18-month search for a missing New Jersey woman finally came to an end this week when police on Long Island, New York, announced the discovery remains believed to be 23-year-old Shannan Gilbert. On Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011, the remains were positively identified as Gilbert. As \"48 Hours Mystery\" correspondent Erin Moriarty reports, the search for Gilbert uncovered a greater mystery.\n\nErin Moriarty has the latest developments."
"In a small Southern town, an extramarital affair turns into a fatal family affair. Susan Spencer reports."
"A 25-year marriage comes to a violent end. Now, a jury must to decide -- did a wife have the right to kill? Richard Schlesinger reports."
"Was a teenage girl involved in stabbing her own mother to death... and was it all over a boy?\n\nForbidden young love ends with a mother's violent murder. Richard Schlesinger reports."
"When an American goes missing from his sailboat in the Caribbean, his nephew follows the trail with the help of a journalist-turned-manhunter. Peter Van Sant reports."
"When Gilles Tetreault arranged to meet a woman he met on an online dating site, he had no idea of the horror that would unfold. Tetreault says he came face-to-face with a madman who had set a trap to kill him. Tetreault was attacked and barely escaped with his life. Johnny Altinger answered a similar online dating ad and disappeared without a trace. Was there really a crime, or was this an elaborate setup for a screenplay for murder?\n\nTroy Roberts reports."
"Maureen Maher\u2019s report, \u201cSoccer Moms Confidential,\u201d uncovers the story behind the P.I. Moms, and investigates the man that started it all, Chris Butler. It\u2019s a story allegedly fueled by fame, money, drugs and corruption. Interviews with key players, including the reporter who broke the story and the whistleblower who helped the DOJ bring Butler down, paint a disturbing portrait of an aggressive promoter, an alleged master manipulator. In a special appearance, Dr. Phil tells 48 HOURS what motivates a con man and how easily people are drawn in."
"In April 2010, former reality television producer Bruce Beresford-Redman, his wife, Monica, and their two young children traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a family vacation. On April 8, Monica\u2019s naked, beaten body was discovered in a sewer on the property of the Moon Palace Resort where the family was staying. The vacation was an attempt to save their troubled marriage. The Emmy-nominated producer became a prime suspect in the murder of his wife. \n\nTroy Roberts reports."
"Professional poker player Ernie Scherer III is the chief suspect in the 2008 murders of his parents, Ernest Scherer Jr. and Charlene Abendroth, in their Pleasanton, Cal., home."
"An update on the 1993 Tricia Pacaccio murder investigation near Chicago, as well as two other slayings and a brutal attack near Los Angeles. The crimes were allegedly committed by Michael Gargiulo, who knew or lived near all four victims."
"An update on the case of Anthony Graves, who spent 18 years in a Texas prison for murders he did not commit."
"The dramatic conclusion: Two years after retiring, did world championship boxer Arturo Gatti kill himself or was he murdered? Erin Moriarty has the official findings and the answer to who gets his millions."
"The story of 20-year-old Noor Almaleki, a woman who was struck and killed by her own father's accelerating SUV while she was crossing a parking lot in suburban Phoenix, and how this was the first case in the U.S. prosecuted as an \"honor killing\".Troy Roberts reports."
Season 26 - 48 Hours
"48 HOURS gets underway Saturday, Sept. 29 at 10:00 PM, ET with \"My Dad's Killer,\" which features Richard Schlesinger's report about a daughter who spent a decade certain she knew who killed her father and his fianc\u00e9, but couldn't prove it. After 48 HOURS began reporting the story, investigators pushed the case and the killer will now stand trial for murder. It is a story 48 HOURS has been reporting on for five years and the outcome has the potential to rip the family apart."
"An unfaithful husband is shot dead - do his wife and her best friend have a clue? Erin Moriarty reports."
"A car crash leaves a young Air Force vet dead - but her boyfriend alive. The crash didn't kill her, what did? Susan Spencer reports."
"An actress is dead and her preacher boyfriend prays for answers. Maureen Maher reports."
"A beautiful wife and mother is suddenly dead. Would a twin really know if his brother was a killer? Erin Moriarty investigates."
"A high school dancer and aspiring model is found dead. Did the killer videotape the murder? Peter Van Sant reports."
"A series of disappearances and murders of women and girls dating back four decades. Now, a break in the case. Peter Van Sant reports."
"A convicted killer's son believes his dad is innocent, but can he find the evidence to prove it? Troy Roberts reports."
"The hunt for convicted killer George Wright, who murdered war hero Walter Patterson in 1962 and then escaped from a New Jersey prison in 1970. Susan Spencer reports."
"A mother torments her daughter's killer, can she get him to confess? Richard Schlesinger reports."
"A husband is suspected of killing his wife and drugging his children. Maureen Maher has the story."
"A former high-school valedictorian is charged with the murder of his mother in Michigan in 2011. Tracy Smith reports."
"Accused killer Jodi Arias told all to \"48 Hours\" ... now her words are evidence in her life-or-death trial. Maureen Maher reports."
"A brat, a Batman collector, filthy rich and dead - who killed Miami hotel heir Benji Novack? Troy Roberts reports."
"A married couple are assassinated in Wisconsin, but questions arise as to whether they were the intended targets. Peter Van Sant reports."
"Two women shot dead by a soldier - can the Army get justice against one of its own?"
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Season 27 - 48 Hours
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"Did the son of an Oscar-winning songwriter strangle his swimsuit designer girlfriend in a chic New York City hotel or was her death an accident?"
"A gang of bodybuilders hatch a plan to kidnap and kill wealthy people. Troy Roberts has the real story that inspired a Hollywood movie."
"A beauty queen is found murdered. The prime suspect -- the priest who heard her confession. Richard Schlesinger reports"
"A mother of three is found dead in a Colorado river. She had secrets -- did she name her own killer? Tracy Smith reports."
"A detective is haunted by the case of two women missing for 30 years. Now she\u2019s hot on the trail of a killer -- can she catch him? Susan Spencer reports."
Season 29 - 48 Hours
"An investigation into whether a New York woman killed her fianc\u00e9 during a kayaking trip on the Hudson River."
"\"48 Hours\" goes inside the investigation of the death of the UVA student and the evidence that links the alleged killer to other crimes spanning a decade. Susan Spencer reports."
"\"48 Hours\" goes inside the investigation of the death of the UVA student and the evidence that links the alleged killer to other crimes spanning a decade. Susan Spencer reports."
"Hearing her father's screams for help, Jenna Neulander dialed 9-1-1 and summoned first responders to her home. Her father, Dr. Robert Neulander, a prominent obstetrician, was trying to help her mother, Leslie, who was unresponsive in the shower.\n\nEighteen months after Leslie Neulander died, her husband was charged with her murder. One of the key witnesses in the case? Their daughter, Jenna. But does her 9-1-1 call help the prosecution or the defense?"
"A couple shot dead in bed. It looked like a hit job. Was it a business deal gone bad or was the enemy closer to home? \"48 Hours\" correspondent Troy Roberts investigates."
"A beautiful mom is murdered while her West Point grad husband was at work. Was someone stalking women in Las Vegas? \"48 Hours\" correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates."
"When a young U.S. Army combat medic goes missing, a bounty hunter takes on his biggest case ever. \"48 Hours\" correspondent Troy Roberts investigates."
"Did a cartoon play a part in the death of a California man? \"48 Hours\" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates."
"As the world reacts to the attacks in Paris, CBS News reports on the shootings, the aftermath and what's being done to prevent similar incidents worldwide"
"48 Hours re-examines and updates the case of Harold Henthorn whose wives Lynn and Toni died 17 years apart in what were supposedly freak accidents. Police investigators, however, believe that Harold murdered them. Eventually, Harold is arrested and convicted of first-degree murder."
"A man wanted in the murder of his wife makes an outrageous claim \u2013 the U.S. wants to silence him for what he saw at Ground Zero"
"48 Hours examines the case of Dorothy Lee who kidnapped her daughter in the middle of a bitter divorce with her then-husband Harris Todd. She eluded the FBI for two decades eventually settling in Australia. Recently arrested she tells her side of the story and her daughter reflects on the past she never knew about."
"48 Hours updates its story on the 2014 murder of heiress Nancy Pfister in Aspen, Colorado. Trey Styler was convicted after his confession to the crime. He has since committed suicide while in prison. His wife has changed her name and moved to a different state."
"Is Mechele Linehan a conniving ex-stripper who should be in jail for murder, or was she unfairly targeted by police because of a past life? Susan Spencer investigates."
"Is Mechele Linehan a conniving ex-stripper who should be in jail for murder, or was she unfairly targeted by police because of a past life? Susan Spencer investigates"
"Convicted of murder at 19 -- 14 appeals and 10 years later, he's free. They got it wrong. End of story? Not yet. \"48 Hours\" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates."
"Can millionaire Robert Durst beat another murder rap?"
"A Texas town on edge -- someone was killing prosecutors. Was it a gang hit or could the killer be one of their own? \"48 Hours\" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates."
"What happens when a former hard-charging prosecutor is prosecuted for his wife's murder in his old courtroom? \"48 Hours\"' Maureen Maher investigates."
"Was the shooting of a Seattle man a random incident of road rage, or was the gunman a self-taught killer intent on finding the perfect moment to kill? Peter Van Sant investigates."
Season 30 - 48 Hours
"In his only TV interview, a New York dentist vows that he didn't kill his lover's husband, who happens to be his best friend. Richard Schlesinger investigates."
"A teenage girl was lured to her death using a smartphone app."
"An investigation into the 1996 murder of a Texas widow that inspired the Jack Black movie \"Bernie.\" At the heart of the probe is whether a mortician killed her and froze her body in order to live off her millions or to end years of abuse."
"A young woman is murdered, police thought her killer was on the run ... or was he? Correspondent Tracy Smith investigates."
"A stunning new twist in the case of a couple shot dead in bed. It looked like a hit job, but was it? \"48 Hours\" Troy Roberts and Erin Moriarty investigate."
"A Texas-sized case of love, infidelity, road rage and possibly murder. \"48 Hours\" correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates."
"A Colorado mom of three shot dead in her bedroom -- was it murder or suicide? \"48 Hours\" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates."
"A young mom vanishes after visiting her ex-husband -- could his accidental \"butt dial\" to 911 hold clues to what happened? CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller investigates."
"Real estate broker Todd Kohlhepp kept a woman chained for two months; now he says he killed seven people -- \"48 Hours\" unravels the twisted life of an alleged serial killer."
"\"48 Hours\" Live to Tell: A teen attacked by her abusive ex-boyfriend -- held at knifepoint, her room set on fire -- reveals her emotional story of survival to Tracy Smith."
"\"48 Hours\" goes inside the mind of a serial rapist hunting his victims while two detectives were hunting him. Correspondent Maureen Maher investigates."